Business Development

Murcia’s newest and most amazing resort

Santa Rosalía lake and life resort redefines the concept of resort in this part of the Mediterranean, a word that broadens the horizon and is loaded with possibilities. A huge green central space has been designed, for all residents to enjoy. The homes are set around an amazing park, exclusively for owners, laid out around a spectacular lake with crystal clear waters. A 124,000-square-metre landscaped...

Santa Rosalia lake and life resort update 1st march 2022!

LAGOON UPDATE Here at Santa Rosalía Lake & Life Resort, everything is moving suuuper quick! The properties are coming along great, and now we're also FULL SPEED AHEAD with The Lake too! Check out this video, filmed just YESTERDAY 1st March 2022, to see how it's all coming along! See more about Santa Rosalía Lake & Life Resort here: For...

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