A unique place to call home Mediterranean, a safe haven where you can live freely.

Its 700,000 m2 area with almost 4,000 mostly-Mediterranean trees and plants, selected for their suitability for the climate.

A place with attractions for enjoying nature, sport, and leisure however you choose.

Santa Rosalía Lake and Life Resort is an intimate, welcoming, carefree space.

With superb services designed for year-round living and unforgettable holidays; a new world, a stone’s throw from all amenities.


Security means peace of mind, home and away.

The entire perimeter of the resort is fenced and there are security cameras throughout the resort. Security services and round-the-clock access control are always at your disposal.

La Reserva

La Reserva is in the centre of the resort. A massive garden divided into different areas with attractions where residents can relax and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

All paths lead to La Reserva, the heart of the resort, full of life and the community spirit. Life in the resort revolves around The Lake.

Garden and playgrounds

La Reserva is not the only place to have fun in Santa Rosalía. The resort has several gardens and play areas around the perimeter.

Modern arquitecture

The conceptual architecture of the homes and high quality standards give the complex a harmonious look.

Inside-outside architectural flow is a design priority, providing a permanent link with the natural beauty of landscaped areas.

Running Track y bike lane

More than five kilometres of paths and tracks for running and cycling, which crisscross the site. Perimeter paths link with those of La Reserva, so you can choose a different route every day.

Commercial Area

What’s more, there is an independent 35,000-square-metre shopping area off site with direct access from the road and from the complex itself.

A second shopping area and supermarket have already been built just one kilometre from Santa Rosalía.

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